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Based in Terwolde, The Netherlands

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November 2, 2015 (alpha release)

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Stacks TNT is a block-based sandbox game where each block follows the laws of Jelly-physics! You play Chuck, a guy stranded in a desolate world, with only a jet pack and a pair of hands to work with. To get back home, you need to EXPLORE the terrain for resources. BUILD factories to convert resources to useful items, like guns, bombs and rocket engines. DEFEND your flag against waves of MobCorp agents by building fortresses and laying out traps. CONQUER the world by constructing towers, bridges, rocket propelled ships and anything else you can imagine within in a fully dynamic world. FIND a mysterious hidden relic. And finally, build the Ark space ship and bring yourself home!


The game started as an experiment to find out how many block particles could be simulated with true physics on a laptop GPU at 60 fps. The resulting simulation was not only able to handle ~500.000 blocks simultaneously but also showed that a physics based sandbox was big fun! Inspiration for the game came from Lemmings, Minecraft and Worms.


  • A true sandbox building experience with Jelly-physics. Build wisely or your buildings will collapse!
  • Bombs! Build a tower or a bridge and then blow it up with a fine selection of explosives.
  • Radio controlled rocket engines! Build a structure, attach rocket engines and fly it around by remote control.
  • Find Chuck's home in Survival Mode or be play around in Creative Mode.
  • The game is currently playable as a fully working alpha version. New features will be added as development progresses.


London (Tower) Bridge YouTube

Trailer YouTube



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About Funcraft Games

Funcraft games is an independent game studio formed by Roy van Ophuizen.

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Stacks TNT Credits

Roy van Ophuizen
Programmer & Game Designer, Funcraft Games

Michael Karavaev
Sprite Artist

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